Cashew nut chocolate milk


I’m not vegan, but I HATE milk. While I’m not necessarily looking for a milk replacement, I do love the idea of nut milks- mainly because they are filling, make a great snack and are also really tasty. I also like the idea of them being all natural. You can buy them off the shelf, but the prices (hello £4.50 for 250ml of this stuff) and the fact that they do need to be sweetened, meaning you can never be sure what’s in them, makes it all the more tempting to try making it yourself. You can also try this with other nuts, but cashews produce the creamiest of all nut milks. Plus it’s a great source of protein.

I put mine in to soak in the morning and then they’re ready to be blended when I’m home. It’s also great without chocolate, in smoothies or shakes as a milk replacement. If you’ve got a good blender you don’t need to strain it, but a nut bag is a good investment if not, I bought mine from Amazon (and then you don’t have to say nut bag to a sales assistant).


120g cashew nuts
500ml water to soak
500ml water to blend
1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tsp honey/agave syrup

Place your cashew nuts into water to soak, minimum 4hours, but overnight if possible.
When you’re ready, drain the cashews and then rinse until the water runs clear.
Place in your blender and add the rest of the water, and blend until smooth. Add in your cocoa powder and honey/agave syrup, then blend until it’s well combined. Strain through a piece of muslin or nut bag and enjoy!


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