Ceviche! I’m so excited about this post because I’ve wanted to make ceviche for ages. I’ve never tried it before but as a lover of sushi I was sure it would be something I’d enjoy, and it really is such great way to make the most of a good piece of fish.
Ceviche is essentially fish cured in citrus juices. The curing time really depends on how you like it – I marinated mine overnight (mainly because I knew I’d have little time in the morning) and it was extremely tender and sweet. A few recipes I have read have even suggested curing for only 20 or so minutes, but if I was to make it again I think I’d go for around the 3-4 hour mark. It depends on how much time you have- this can be a quick snack or an all day recipe!

This is also a perfect new year recipe. You may think I’m crazy suggesting something so traditionally associated with summer in January but it’s really kind to your waistline, is carb free, gluten free and really low on sugars. Plus the chilli will give you the warmth you need.


I had mine for brunch and served it with alioli and toasted tortillas. I didn’t have time to make the alioli myself, but if I did, I would have used >this< recipe, and I’ve blogged about how to make the really easy tortilla chips >here<.
Although at first glance this does sound like something which would be difficult to make, it really is so easy. As I’ve mentioned I’ve been wanting to make it for a while so when I started researching it I was surprised as to how simple it is. I really do urge you to try it, especially if you like sushi or smoked salmon, because it’s also a really impressive dish but with minimal effort. It would make a great and quick dinner party starter or special evening meal. IMG_0352 IMG_0357 IMG_0365 IMG_0368 IMG_0370

I must also apologise for the amount of photos but I really couldn’t get enough of the colours!


Recipe adapted from Tim Hayward’s brilliant book Food DIY

To serve two, you will need:

1 fillet per person white fish (I used sea bass, but try sea bream, cod or pollack)
juice of 2-3 limes
1 small red chilli
Handful of plum tomatoes
1/2 red onion
1 spring onion
Handful of torn parsley
3 little radishes (optional)

Start by squeezing your limes. If you have particularly small ones pop them in the microwave for 20secs first to get the juices going. You can also roll them on the work top with the palm of your hand. Place the juice into a bowl & deseed and finely chop your chilli. Add it to your lime juice.
Next, cut your fish – you can either dice into small pieces or slice into wafer thin pieces (which look really nice on the plate), but it’s important to use a really sharp knife for both so you get nice clean lines. I found it easier to do this with the skin on. Season your pieces of fish with salt and pepper and place into the bowl of lime and chilli. Cling film this and place in the fridge. See above for marinating times.
When the fish is cooked to your liking, dice your tomatoes, thinly slice your red onion and spring onion, and slice your radishes into thin little discs. Place them all in bowl and toss with the parsley.
Drain most of the lime juice from your fish and add it to your salad. Toss to combine and you’re ready to go!



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