Restaurant review: Wings, 5/7 Old Fishmarket Close

Today I got to go out for a late lunch with my good friend Sylvie. She’s an aspiring journalist, a feminist and an excellent friend who doesn’t mind giving her honest opinion about everything, which makes her the perfect lunching companion. Here she is at her finest:


We decided on Wings, somewhere Sylvie had heard of and I hadn’t. They offer a huge menu of chicken wings coated in a number of different rubs, sauces and spices.

Although the upstairs seating area of the restaurant is quite minimal, it totally suits the relaxed and casual feel of the venue. Think mismatched furniture, fairy lights and comic book movie posters.

IMG_0508 IMG_0510

Long benches, a large menu and cheap prices (£2.50 beers, £3.50 for a bowl of 6 wings) also make for a great pre-going out dinner which will satisfy the masses….although judging by the state of our sauce covered faces once we’d finished, I’m not sure that would be such a good idea in practice.


Between two of us, the waitress  recommended we have 3 bowls of wings each. This was way too much for us and you would be fine with just one or two. The wings come out really quickly and we wished we’d taken a leaf out our neighbours’ book and ordered each bowl as we went along rather than all at once. Our favourite toppings were Frenchbee (honey and garlic sauce), brown sugar, smoked emperor (smooth BBQ) and tiger sauce (hot buffalo striped with Caesar). The sweeter sauces worked especially well with the crispy chicken skin although it was quite hard to finish a whole bowl, so we’d recommend splitting those with your wingman/woman (geddit?). Saying that though, I would quite happily bathe in that Frenchbee sauce…so sticky, so sweet, sooooo goooood.wings2

As the blue cheese topping was unavailable, we ordered the cheese and facon topping  (grated cheese and ‘fake’ bacon bits), which we were pretty disappointed with. The cheese wasn’t melted, and the facon seemed pretty pointless due to the fact it was already sitting on top of meat. Real bacon bits would have been 100x more appetising (bacon bits really DO make everything better, let’s be honest). The Caesar topping was also quite vinegary, but it was still nice and cooling after the hotness of the tiger sauce. IMG_0537

One of the coolest things about this space is undoubtedly the basement.

After our meal we headed downstairs to discover a huge projector room, all que’d up with Star Wars ready to play and big comfy seating blocks. There was even a table at the back devoted to a Nintendo 64, and we couldn’t resist a quick game of Mario Kart before heading home on our merry way.
IMG_0550 IMG_0553

All in all, Wings is most definitely worth a visit if you’re in need of a quick and tasty meal right in the center of town. Although some of the flavour combinations can be a bit hit and miss, that’s part of the fun of it, and the reasonable prices mean you’re able to order quite a few different options (if you can fit them in). Make sure you stick around for a game of Mario Kart too!

Chloé xxx


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