Ginger Pinkies, just in time (ahem) for Christmas

My flatmates hate me.

I’ve started listening to Christmas songs already. I’m constantly checking the weather reports to see when the snow is due or if it will even turn up at all. I’ve started a Pinterest board purely for gingerbread men decoration ideas. All I can think about is sitting in front of this fireplace, whilst listening to this song and snuggling with this dog.

Even though I’m going to have to wait a good couple of weeks until I’m allowed to do that, I might have to make a few of these, just, you know, in preparation. Also, they may just be too good to keep away from.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Ginger Pinkies. You can thank me later.


A gorgeous mix of pomegranate molasses, fiery ginger beer and vodka, it should keep you on your toes right up until santa comes-a-knocking (or falling? How exactly does he get down the chimney? Answers in the comment section, please).

I bought the pomegranate molasses in my local spice wholesaler, Maqbool’s, which is definitely worth a visit. They stock almost every spice you can think of at really great prices, which is perfect for making chutneys at this time of year, and they also have some of the more unusual ingredients which are harder to come by.


It’s also definitely worth trying to get your mittens on some of this amazing Hot Ginger Beer by Luscombe Drinks. The heat from the ginger really helps to keep you warm through the cold snap – give it a little rock from side to side to wake it up a bit before pouring and you’re good to go. We sell Luscombe’s delicious Ginger Beer at Brew Lab in Edinburgh.


My spirit of choice is ALWAYS vodka. And it’s always been all about Absolut since Smith Jerrod became their Absolut Hunk in Sex and the City. Sorry Grey Goose.

Also, it’s on offer in Tesco at the moment. £15 for 70cl, Absolut bargain! (geddit?!)


I found this little measuring shot glass really useful for this, so if you’ve got a couple of friends coming over for cocktails this Christmas, it might be worth investing in one of these.





So, to make a Ginger Pinkie, you’ll need:

1 shot vodka

1 tbsp pomegranate mollasses 

Luscombe Ginger Beer, to taste

Start by filling your favourite tumbler with ice. Pour in the vodka, followed by the pomegranate molasses. Stir until combined. Turn off the lights and top up with ginger beer whilst wearing novelty Christmas earrings.

Enjoy! x


Don’t forget to pose around said cocktails in a stupid manner with your flatmates.







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