Quick Vegetable Chilli

As it’s a new year, I’m sure a lot of you reading have made a resolution to eat healthier, lose weight or even spend less on food. My resolution was to budget more so that I stop wasting food, which I hate doing.

This recipe is perfect for that: making a big batch of this on Tuesday has lasted me until Friday, and I’ve had it in loads of different variations. It’s also under 150 calories per portion, which means it’s the perfect January meal for those of you going down the ‘new year, new me’ route. You can easily remove the bacon too.



3 rashers bacon

2 cloves garlic

1 courgette

1 leek

200g cherry tomatoes

1 can chopped tomatoes

Pinch of paprika

1 can kidney beans

Salt & pepper

Chop the bacon into pieces and fry in oil over a medium heat. Once crispy, remove from the pan and place on kitchen paper to drain. Add the garlic to the pan, and once it starts to brown, add the leeks. Make sure you coat the leeks in the oil and leave to cook down. Once they start to brown add the courgettes and tomatoes, stirring through. Make sure you keep stirring so that everything cooks evenly. Add the chopped tomatoes, and swirl a bit of water around the empty can, and add this to the pan. Add the paprika. Season, and let the mixture simmer down and intensify. Make sure you taste the chilli and add more seasoning or paprika if you like. After about 10 minutes (make sure you stir so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom), add the drained kidney beans and bacon to the pan and stir through. Serve, and enjoy!

Here’s a few ways I’ve served the Chilli.

Nacho style with cucumber and humous (390 cals)


Spray a tortilla wrap (180 calories) with low calorie olive oil, and bake in the oven at about 180 degrees until light brown. Serve with the warm chilli (150 cals), 2 tbsp of lemon and coriander humous (58 cals) and 100g of cucumber (10 cals). And there you have low fat nachos, for under 400 cals! Normally, an 100g portion of tortilla chips alone would cost you 495 cals!

Stuffed Pumpkin with couscous (329 cals)


Half a small pumpkin (150g – 20cals) and sprinkle with oil and oregano. Roast for about 20 minutes. Cook the cous cous (100g – 159cals) according to the packet instructions. Stuff the warm chilli into the cooked pumpkin and enjoy. Also delicious sprinkled with 30g feta cheese (75 cals).

Roast pumpkin, cous cous and baby leaf salad, with vegetable chilli. 


This is a great way to use up the other half of the pumpkin! Peel the skin off and chop into pieces (100g – 13cals). Mix with 50g cooked cous cous (80cals) and a handful of bagged baby leaf salad (100g – 21cals). This is a great salad alone, but I added 60g of the veg chilli (50cals). A really filling lunch for under 150 calories.

Good luck with your resolutions! A healthy happy new year to you all 🙂 x


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